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Chi siamo - Maurizio Armanetti

Maurizio Armanetti



Chi siamo - Alexandra Hold-Ferneck

Alexandra Hold-Ferneck



Maurizio Armanetti,
Armanetti  has created a new search methodology by creating a fusion of geological science and the intuitive abilities of the mind using the brain as a Bio-computer. Thanks to its special know-how in more than 30 years’ experience of underground water search using objective and experimental techniques, his company is able to guarantee success in finding underground water determining precise technical parameters such as water detection of the aquifer, pierce point, depth of the water, water temperatures at various altitudes and quantity. 

He has collaborated in the creation of innovative tourism projects to meet the new thermal tourism market through the seasonal adjustment, the modernization, the rise of youth tourism and the stranger who is always on the lookout for fun and well-being life- stile.

Mr. Armanetti was appointed from Ministry of Tourism specialist in underground water search in the commission for the Development of Spa and Wellness.

His activity water is reflecting in numerous publications and has received numerous certificates of appreciation from academic world.

Today is the head with his wife Alexandra Hold-Ferneck of the Company that has distinguished itself by the creation of innovative projects in the field of water search as well as the creation of products for natural wellness.

Alexandra Hold-Ferneck,
born and raised in Düsseldorf – Germany.

She runs the family business together with his husband Maurizio Armanetti in the field of Geobiology and Dowsing and the creation of Food Supplements. Along with Armanetti has created a new search system called by them “Psicoestesia” (fusion of geological science and the intuitive abilities of the mind using the brain as a Bio-computer) and published in their book “ Manual of Psicoestesia”. She organized courses of Geobiology and conferences on natural medicines manned by internationally known scientists.

Today she is working for the company worldwide for resolving water supply problems in arid countries and for finding natural spa water for the industry of tourism and VIP…