Our goal is to provide solutions for water supply problems. 

Water wells for:

  • governments, companies and individuals; 
  • in problematic cases; 
  • in arid zones – desert and semi deserts; 
  • for industries…

Luni Ricerche srl received Certifications by the government agencies for its performances and  for having solved serious water problems.

Our service is to locate and mark the best location to drill the well, deliver a complete search report with important technical informations like the deep of the well, the water quantity that will be reached and the quality of the water. Our ability is to give the best result in the area where the water search takes place.


“ His abilities are extraordinary. He seems to be able to see through the earth with his hands.”
 “ He found water for us in places where we had nearly given up after long and expensive searches. I remember a spot where our company sought water since 1906, using all possible technology to no avail. After only two days of walking the area, Maurizio discovered a rich vein of water and told us exactly how far down the water was.” "Thanks to his gift, we were able to save millions of dollars"

Vittorio Arbasino,
head of research at ITALGAS,
Italian state-run natural gas company 


Important water supply solving for one of the most prestigious Italian company named ITALGAS ( a italian state-run natural gas company and aqueducts and pipelines management):
After 10 successful water wells indicated by Maurizio Aramanetti for ITALGAS at Savona (Italy), he was commissioned to do another search at Rapallo in Liguria, where they did not find underground water in 85 years of researches. For 85 years they have followed a lot of drillings based on the research of geologists and dowsers but never archived a success.   Then finally with the arrival of Maurizio Armanetti: in only two days he found a vast underground acquifer. The large confined aquifer of Rapallo was there waiting to be discovered from the extraordinary ability  of Armanetti for almost a century. ITALGAS has officially recognized the discovery by Maurizio Armanetti of a large subterranean aquifer in Liguria (Rapallo) after 85 years of  failures.

letter of On Enrico Ferri


Clean, safe drinking water is scarce ?
Luni Ricerche of ALEXANDRA s.a.s. launched the ”underground water project” for areas with water scarcity with the aim to find compartmentalized underground aquifers (localized and restricted) with an important-sized runoff. This precious groundwater and renewable drinking water sources comes from distant areas where the rains are frequent and abundant. This water is  deep and flows in confined spaces. It is therefore essential to identify the groundwater flow with great precision. Our company has proven with official certifications that it can do it. Luni Ricerche has also demonstrated to be able to determine, prior to drilling, the quality of water: salt water or drinking water…

Maurizio Armanetti, in the past, has received from the Italian State, through the Minister of Public Works, in the figure of the Minister Enrico Ferri, a letter of congratulations for his achievements in the field of water search.

Mineral and thermal spa water

We are able to find new underground sources with precious natural thermal, mineral-rich waters with an outstanding success rate of 99%, officially certified.
Due to its concentration of minerals, this natural remedy has preventive, relieving and healing effects.

Wells for:

  • the Tourism Industry;
  • Mineral Water Industries;
  • Hotel, Beauty-Farm,
  • private spa …

TODAY our company has shown its ability to discover, wherever called, natural  hot thermal spa water enriched with mineral salts and in this way is giving the possibility to make a great business for a deseasonalized tourism.

Luni Ricerche has discovered in Italy several and important thermal and mineral waters of exceptional qualities. The discovery of natural hot spring mineral waters means revolutionize the economy of entire areas without ore with little tourism economy.

Thanks to the innovation of Maurizio Armanetti in the field of water search, the discovery of new natural thermal, mineral  water deposits and to his ideas, like how to create the first water park with hot spring water in Italy, the first european thermal spa water park, it is now possible to stimulate in Italy large tourist flows and to create many new jobs.

The then Minister of Tourism, Michela Vittoria Brambilla, has called Armanetti, in consequence of his achievements in the field of thermal spa water searches, to be part of the Ministerial Commission for the Development of Spa and Wellness