Water is a critical necessity for any development project anywhere in the world.
Our Company, Luni Ricerche Srl, offers its services to a future of great opportunities.

  • underground water discovery
  • drinking water research in arid countries
  • mineral and thermal water research

Luni Ricerche Srl is a well-established company formed by researchers in the field of of underground water research.

Maurizio Armanetti,  the head of the company Luni Ricerche Srl,  has created a new research methodology by creating a fusion of geological science and the intuitive abilities of the mind using the brain as a Bio-computer. Thanks to its special know-how in more than 30 years’ experience of underground water research using objective and experimental techniques, his company is able to guarantee success in finding underground water determining precise technical parameters such as water detection of the aquifer, pierce point, depth of the water, water temperatures at various altitudes and quantity.

Our company is the only one in the world that guarantees the discovery of precious underground aquifers in in places where the normal scientific research has not yet been successful.
This way to work it was attested and certified by Italian ministry of public works and recognized by primary international companies.