International Water Discovery

  • ALEXANDRA di Armanetti Maurizio e C. s.a.s. –  is specialized in finding large aquifers also at great depths and is able to distinguish the quality of  water (drinking water, mineral water, salty water)
  • Our goal is to provide solutions for water supply problems.
  • International underground water search for Governments, Municipalities and Industries
  • Drinking water research in arid zones, deserts and semi deserts
  • Water research in problematic cases
  • Mineral and Thermal Spa Water search for water companies and health resorts 
  • Natural gas and oil

Maurizio Armanetti is the head, with Alexandra Hold-Ferneck, of the Company that has distinguished itself by the creation of innovative projects in the field of water search.

ALEXANDRA di Armanetti Maurizio e C. s.a.s. is a well-established company formed by researchers in the field of underground water exploration using a new search methodology by creating a fusion of geological science and the intuitive abilities of the mind.

Thanks to its special know-how, in more than 39 years’ experience of underground water search, using objective and experimental techniques, the company is able to find underground water determining precise technical parameters such as:

detection of the aquifer,
– drilling point,
– depth of the water,
– water temperatures at the various depths,
– quantity 
– quality of water (mineral, drinking, spa water …

The company is the only one in the world that has officially demonstrated its ability to discover precious underground aquifers in places where the normal scientific research has not yet been successful. This way to work is attested and certified by the Italian Department of Employment and recognized by primary international companies:

We are specialized in finding large aquifers also at great depths and are able to distinguish fresh or salty water.

Water is a critical necessity for any development project anywhere in the world. In Italy our Company has distinguished itself by the creation of innovative projects in the field of thermal spa water and for having been able to combine the best of technical  and scientific skills with human ability obtaining important results in the discovery of new hot spring water and fresh underground water resources solving water supply problems.

letter of On Enrico Ferri

“ His abilities are extraordinary. He seems to be able to see through the earth with his hands.”
 “ He found water for us in places where we had nearly given up after long and expensive searches. I remember a spot where our company sought water since 1906, using all possible technology to no avail. After only two days of walking the area, Maurizio discovered a rich vein of water and told us exactly how far down the water was.” "Thanks to his gift, we were able to save millions of dollars"

Vittorio Arbasino,
head of research at ITALGAS,
Italian state-run natural gas company